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October 25, 2005

because girls like pink?

Salon has a "cheeky" new women's blog, "Broadsheet." In the launch message they say:

Broadsheet will be taking the ladies seriously, whether that means tracking news about how our rights are holding up, how well we're representing ourselves politically, or how the advertising world has decided to address us, what kinds of health advances are ahead of us -- all the news of our (usually) two-steps-forward, one-step-back march to equality. [...] We'll also have celebrity dish and possibly fashion news. And jokes. Women are funny.

Why "Broadsheet"? For one thing, we like the word "broad," which for us conjures images of Rosalind Russell as Hildy Johnson, ferociously pounding out copy on deadline in "His Girl Friday," her tailored suit wrinkle-free and sexy. But the term also applies to our content. The issues we'll tackle are limitless, really, given the fact that our subject includes half the world's population.

Sounds good, right? Uh, maybe. I'm a little miffed that a blog that is supposed to address serious and fun issues for women and our representation is presented in hot pink. Ahem. And the heading graphic has a woman with a pen and a hot pink scarf around her neck. She's so sassy!

Sigh. I like Salon, so I'll reserve judgement. But I'm wary.

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