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October 30, 2005

cold cold cold cold cold...

I'm cold. Why? Because it is freezing in my apartment. It's not even that cold outside. The heat isn't working, so this place just isn't warming up. And I have tons of shit to do today at home, so I can't even run around outside where it's nice.

Fuck. My fingers are freezing, and I'm wearing socks in my apartment. This is no wrong. I prefer my place to be a tropical oasis in the winter. Have to call tomorrow to get this shit fixed.

But enough complaining. Something strange happened to me yesterday. I was watching the Guns N' Roses Behind the Music (G n' R motherfucker!). Fantastic episode, obviously. The weird part was, I foudn myself suddenly, inexplicably attracted to Slash. Not 1987 hair in the eyes Slash. I mean 2001 crow's feet Slash. I'm rather disturbed. I should probably go to rehab or therapy immediately. Next thing you know I'll be getting all hot and bothered over Colin Farrell. And next? The junkie who lives upstairs. Help!

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