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October 06, 2005

I love you MTV. I hate you MTV!

As if the fictional version wasn't bad enough.

MTV is going to be airing a "reality" version of Models, Inc. called 8th & Ocean next year. Ooooh. It's apparently riding the coattails of Laguna Beach, of which I've seen exactly 17 minutes total, because it makes my eyes bleed.

I just don't understand. No, that's not true. I do understand. but I wonder if Tyra Banks is pissed off. And do we think there's any way Kylie Travis will be involved? I'll watch if she is. I'll skew MTV's demographics all to hell for some Kylie Travis. (Note: According to IMBd her two screen credits were Gia - awesome, with the modeling and the drugs - and an episode of Ed. What the hell is Ed? Wasn't that a show about a bowling alley or some-such?)

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