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October 18, 2005

Not that my lame ass saw it...

But Steven Colbert's new show debuted last night. I missed it. Why? Out partying? Having crazy monkey sex? Uh, no. At 11:30 I'd been asleep for an hour. How exciting.

But, according to Heather Havrilesky over at Salon, and everyone, every single person I know who saw it, lots-o-funny. HH says:
During the opening credits, an eagle flies around his head, and words flash across the screen: "POWERFUL," "COURAGEOUS," "EXCEPTIONAL," and also "DOMINEERING," "RELENTLESS," "GRIPPY." Yes, you read that right: Grippy. Soon, Colbert tells us about his own personal brand of no-nonsense, hard-hitting ... well, nonsense. Somewhere out there, Bill O'Reilly is fidgeting and twitching like the villain whose voodoo doll just took a thumb tack to the forehead.


Note to self: Have TiVo record this show. Watch every morning like The Daily Show. Begin days running even later, and laughing like a psychotic hyena. (Is there another kind of hyena? They seem pretty unbalanced in general. In the Lion King at least. "Mufasa!" "Ooooh [shudder]. Say it again!")

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