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November 22, 2005

being pro-abortion

I was making a list this morning, of people I need to get Christmas/Holiday gifts for this year. Keeps getting longer, no surprise. I'm a huge fan of gifts. Giving, receiving, wrapping, I love it all. But for a lot of reasons, buying random crap for people seems particularly empty this year.

Then I got an email from a friend of mine whose sister works with an abortion fund in Colorado. They're broke. Why? Well, abortion funds are always broke, but particularly now because most of their funding sources are going to help Katrina folks who really really need the money. I'm sure FEMA checks don't pay for any kind of family planning services.

So, instead of gifts this year I'm making donations to abortion funds in the areas where the people I'd be buying things for are from. I will be supporting abortions directly. I just wish I had more money to help with.

You should do the same. Even if you were going to get me a gift. Check out the list of NNAF funding sources here.

I remember talking to a woman once who I had to tell she needed to take back the present she got for her daughter's 5th birthday to pay the rest of the money for her abortion. She didn't know how she was going to explain to the girl why Mommy didn't have anything for her birthday. That's a heartbreaking situation. Knowing she needed an abortion to be able to provide for her daughter on the long run was not.

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