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November 07, 2005

Breathe. Just breathe.

I will not go off on Cary Tennis again. I promised myself. I don't even read his self-important "advice" column anymore because it was giving me high blood pressure. But I do read Feministing, so I found out about this and couldn't help it.

The writer is concerned because his conservative republican girlfriend is "a little racist." Now uh, I'm not sure how you can be a little racist, but whatever. And Cary's advice is not "Yes. Hells yes--you have dump her. Sorry." because he's not as smart or at all able to make any sense at all like Jessica. I couldn't read his response closely, doctor's orders, but I did read the comments, and god damn! Before I mention some of my favorites, let me remind you these are comments on Yes, that Salon.

Actually, race as we discuss it is primarily a social construction. Genetic research has not provided any evidence to suggest that one "race" is more or
less intelligent than another, or that there is even any strong biological underpinning to the racial categories we have in our society.

That sounds about right from a Salon reader. What else you got?
The writer doesn't seem to be aware that blacks account for the vast majority of violent crime in our country, or that the average black American's IQ is about one full standard deviation below that for whites and Asians. On the other hand, many blacks from Africa come here and encounter friction with American blacks
due to their hard work and rapid success.

Hmm. Well, this is just an anonymous comment. Could be any nutjob. Next?

What a jerk this guy is: his otherwise perfect girlfriend allows him to see that she's a human being (and a real young one, too), prone to fear and bias and yes, even racism, and he is ready to give her the heaveho...

Uh. Wha? Bring it home!

Give her a chance to grow up. We don't all start out perfect.

This one is from a Salon premium subscriber, by the way. Someone who spends money ever year to suuport their site. Jeebus. Before I say anything else, let me quote from the original letter again:

...proceeded to tell me that she hates when people who can't speak English come to America.

Ok. Now, where was I? Oh yeah. My head was exploding. [BOOM] I need a beer.

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