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November 18, 2005

Friday - no random 10 today

Instead, some random thoughts.

I got an email from a friend who didn't know I had this blog until yesterday. He says:

I love reading your voice online. I can hear you in my head because you write exactly the way you speak.

That's not actually a good thing, but I don't care. I'm not trying to be a good writer.
The one surprise is how much you have been talking about abortion. Did you quit your job?

No, I didn't. Nor did I intend to talk about abortion on my blog that much. I mean, I spend most of the day at work thinkging about it in one way or another, so of course it creeps in, but I didn't want this to be all about the politics of choice. My job is all about the politics of choice, this blog is supposed to be an escape from that. Or not.

Here's the thing. I write about whatever I'm thinking about. Sometimes I think about funny things, sometimes I think about serious things. But lately I've just been getting more and more pissed off about the conversations and articles and studies and polls and all the other shit out there about choice.

So yeah. Anyway, speaking of work I'm getting hammered today (but not in a good way). More later. Maybe.

I'll leave you with this, the Vampire Squid from Hell. That's just the kind of day I'm having.

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