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November 23, 2005

God bless America. And no place else.

If you're like me and my band of alcoholic crazies (hopefully you are), Thanksgiving is a time to speak in hushed tones, discussing the wonder, the terror and awe that is a turducken. Now, I've never seen one of these things in person, which may be part of the obsession.

For a truly frightening image of a half-eaten turducken, head over the Save the Squared Stage. If you're not already dry-heaving, check out this extremely elaborate (and hilarious) account of how a turducken is made. My favorite part? The list of "tools,"including

  • A baseball bat, in case that motherfucker gets ornery and disrespects you

  • A hammer, to show that piece of shit duck who is the real boss around these parts

Waring for sensitive viewers: there's a lot of crime schene photography.

And yes, that is a quote from Head of State. Thanks for asking, asshole. It's funny.

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