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November 23, 2005

Headed out for Thanksgiving

Not that I'm acually going anywhere, except away from work.

So, probably no posting until next week, I'm looking forward to some time away from the computer. Anyway, I was reading The Bitching over at Pandagon. Good stuff there.

The Bitching, movie version:

The Talented Mr. Ripley. Had I been able to make my proper escape, I would have left as soon as Jude Law's character died, taking all motivation (watching his hot ass) out of tolerating another moment of this sorry piece of tedious crap masquerading as a film.

The Bitching, culture version:

Celebrity couples. And that I actually take time out of my day to be embarrassed for Katie Holmes and Britney Spears.
But since this blog is pretty much only about things that bug me, I figured I'd try something different. So here are 5 little things that make me happy.

  1. My TiVo. The thing that has always bugged me about TV is that I have a terrible memory, and can't ever remember when things are on. Like South Park. That damn show has been on for what 10 years? And always on Wednesdays at 10 (I had to look this up, btw). I never remember. Now I don't have to, TiVo tells me. Thanks TiVo! And I'm pretty sure I eat less junk food now that I don't have to see Dorito commercials.
  2. Pictures of my cat. I've been away from him so long I forget what it's like to live with him. But just looking at a picture on my desk makes me smile. I don't know who invented pets, or who made my cat so freaking adorable, but good job.
  3. Hoops & Yoyo. "Pumpkin... pie. Pie. Pumpkin... pie. Cute little guys. Hallmark, but very funny.
  4. My mother. For all of our drama, the woman is just hilarious. She doesn't always mean to be, but she is. I end most of our phone conversations shaking my head and chuckling. That's good stuff.
  5. Strutting around with my iPod. Every now and then, especially if I'm wearing heels, I realize I'm strutting down the street ont he way to work. That is great. Walking with purpose, enoying a good song, not thinking about anything at all. I should probably be embarrassed, but I'm not.

Ok, that's enough. I'm making myself sick with the happy-go-lucky bullshit. The world sucks. Grrrr. Whew, that's better.

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