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November 02, 2005

it doesn't have to be a tragedy to be important

Another couple of interesting abortion stories online at Daily Kos (hopefully Kos will read it) and The Alley Notebooks.

"The legal process doesn't have a sympathy meter. And that's why the net must be cast large. That's why you can't tell other people what decisions they should make. Because when crafting a law, you don't get to hear Jenny's story.

And that's what Roe comes down to. That's what is so easy to forget. That's why people are shrill and view this choice in a direct and unwavering light."

Yes. And this lesson is what I got most out of talking to women seeking abortions. Every single one is a woman trying to make the best decision for her. And in every single instance that's a complicated decision process that must - and I mean MUST - be left up to her to decide. Whether she talks her friends, the man involved, family, clergy, the internet, God, her pets, or stangers, she has to be the one who decides. Every story is an exception, and every woman is trying to do right by herself. How dare anyone disrepect that.

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