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November 22, 2005

Momma said there'd be days like this...

First, look at this video. That would totally happen to me, except I'd be pulling off panty hose, vagina all in their faces.

And speaking of mothers (see that bad segue?)...

I called mine today to tell her to have a nice Thanksgiving. I told her I was calling while heading out to get something for lunch. She said "12:15 is kind of early for you." I said "Yeah, I'm really hungry today, not sure why." Which should have been the end of the conversation. Except it wasn't because she busts out with "Maybe you're pregnant." Uh, thanks Mom. It's like going to the health center in college. Stomach flu? Pregnant. Runny nose? Pregnant. Broken leg? Pregnant.

Then my mom tells me because of my job I should be able to "take care of that problem pretty quick." I do love that woman. She's a weirdo, but very nonchalant about abortion, which I appreciate. See? I come by it hoestly.

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