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November 17, 2005

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Lots of chatter about this bullshit (oh no, I gave away what I think about it) article, "Roe Fatigue."

I’m just tired of being burdened with defending Roe often to the detriment of so many important things that we who are centrist and to the left of center need to be advocating.

Um. Fuck you.

Now, before you freak out and write hateful comments or worse, send me hateful email, hear me out. For starters, I have always supported a woman’s right to
chose. Always. So hear me out.

Ok. You're clearly a liar, but ok.

And of course, if the Right were honest, they would admit that their opposition to Roe has very little to do with the sanctity human life (see their view of the death penalty – even for minors and the mentally handicapped and their new found love of torture as just a couple examples)


and everything to do with the stretch of the Constitution done by Roe,

Wrong. They don't give a shit about stretching the Constitution, only that it was done to protect the rights of women to make their own decisions.

So, I’m tired of carrying this burden through every Republican presidency. Let them get the benefit of their bargain with the GOP when they voted for Gdub and their R senators by watching Roe overturned. As teenage girls turn-up pregnant all over white suburban high schools these self-described ‘moderates’ voting Republican can learn first hand about the consequences of their votes.

Just think of the political fall-out to the GOP if they orchestrate an overturn of Roe and the windfall to the Democrats.

Yes! Good point. White suburban families will be inconvenienced. Instead of going to Disney World they'll have to send their daughters to out-of-state abortion clinics. Boo hoo. Just think about the stories and pictures of poor women dying around the country. That'll show 'em.

Yes, I know,……we have to keep fighting, but aren’t you tired too?

Tired of sighing weak-willed assholes like you? Yes. Tired of fighting for the right to control my own body? No, not really.

Read Rox Populi, Pandagon, and Alternet's The Mix on this.

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