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November 04, 2005

speaking of bad television

I was looking for something new and exciting to waste my money on, and I just bought more black pants so I thought I'd go for books from Amazon.

Because I bought a gift for a certain someone, the site has been telling me to buy horrible shows on DVD for a while now. The latest?

Forever Knight on DVD. Ok, I won't lie. I watched the show when it was on local TV in the middle of the afternoon. I remember the characters. But even I wouldn't buy it on DVD. Probably.

But that's not the funny bit. What cracked me up is you can see shows by keyword, and one of the ones they have for Forever Knight (spoiler alert!) is "characters killed in final episode." Other shows with that keyword include Six Feet Under, The Young Ones, Farscape, and... wait for it...

Dinosaurs. Yes, THAT dinosaurs. With the creepy puppet/animatronic whatever the hell dinosaurs. The sick thing is, I remember that stupid line the little one always said, "I'm the baby! Gotta love me!" That was a big joke with my mom and me when we watched the show. I know this is random, but I found it funny. First, because both of these shows are out on DVD. And second because Dinosaurs ended with characters being killed. Get it? Because that's what happened to them! What? Not that funny? Fine. Maybe I'm just tired.


Gotta love IMDb. Guest stars on Dinosaurs included Christopher Meloni (he of the lovely schlong and man-love on Oz and no love on SVU), and Tim Curry (he of all that is wrong and right with the world).

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