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November 02, 2005

this is why I love my friends...

And why I'll never be able to get a real job. This is the shit I talk about with my coworkers. I usually think it's lame to post IM conversations, but this killed me:

S: do you remember that book-the giving tree
Me: yeah. I loved that book
S: me too
S: still do
S: it's one of my staple new baby gifts
S: that and Goodnight Moon
S: LOOOOVE Goodnight Moon
Me: Oh, goodnight moon was my favorite. absolute favorite.
S: goodnight socks
S: goodnight mittens
S: do you think I'll freak T's shit out if i start saying goodnight to the items in my bedroom
Me: perhaps. but you should do it anyway
S: i think i should do it because it will!
S: it'll be fun
S: he'll probably just laugh
Me: "goodnight window"
S: goodnight vibrator
Me: "goodnight dirty laundry"
Me: "goodnight buttplug"
Me: "goodnight astroglide"
S: i was just gonna say that!
S: goodnight Lube
Me: "goodnight bondage gear"
S: goodnight handcuffs
Me: "goodnight ball gag"
S: holy shit
S: i'm dying over here
S: goodnight cleveland steamer
S: goodnight taint
Me: oh god, you're killing me!
S: that's it!
S: i'm gonna write a goodnight moon for adults
Me: oh. my. god.
Me: you HAVE TO!!!!!!
S: how could i not
Me: I'll buy 100 copies right now.
S: don't you think it would kill!
Me: everyone will want one
Me: you'll be rich!
S: it'll be all the rage
S: I'll call it Goodnight Poon
Me: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
S: goodnight vaginas everywhere
Me: stop.
S: maybe dirty mimi will sell it on her site
Me: oooooh. you could buy the book and a vagina pillow.
S: yes!
S: the slumber special
Me: hee!

All before 10 am.

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