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December 23, 2005

I'm off...

Before I leave for the holidays, here's a little gift from me to you.

See ya next year!

December 21, 2005

ar you fucking kidding me?

I mean, really people. How can this be real. What world do we live in?

The woman who filed a complaint with the state board of medicine, alleging that
Dr. Terry Bennett said she was so fat only a "black guy" might like her, just
got the standard version of "Dr. Bennett's diatribe on obesity," Bennett said in
an interview yesterday. He said the quote included in her complaint condensed
his philosophy and took it out of context.
Just read it over at Pinko Feminist Hellcat.

Like my hometown pals, I don't really care that much about the NYC transit strike. Aside from listening to Soledad O'Brien pretend she takes public transportation every morning on CNN, this isn't really entering my sphere. Except for the tone of the stories. Of course, they're focusing on how the people of New York are handling the situation. Roller-blading, bikes, car-pooling. And we get lots of information on how much money the city is losing. $400 million a day (says Bloomberg).

But what I don't hear a lot of, is why this situation exists. Lindsay over at Majikthise breaks it down:

The New York Times is reporting that the MTA and the New York City transit union had nearly reached a deal to avert a transit strike when an MTA negotiator derailed the talks with a last minute demand: tripling the pension contributions for new employees.

Go read the excerpt from the story. Instead of photo-opping his way across the Brooklyn Bridge every morning and shaking his fists at the union members, maybe the mayor could spend a few minutes asking the MTA to pull their head out of their asses and end this bullshit.

Apparently there will be no further negotiation until the strike ends. I'm sure that's comforting to the workers, who are being fined and screwed.

December 20, 2005

What I'll be doing this time next week

Just settling in to my cruise with my darling mother. I imagine we'll be sharing the first of many cocktails on the deck of the Sovereign of the Seas. How nice that they named the ship after me. An aside, I call every floating vessel a boat, but I heard it would hurt the big ships feelings to call them boats. So, ok. Ship, huge-ass boat, whatever.

My reading this for this trip is a little extensive for a 4 day cruise, but I have to be prepared in case my reading mood changes. I'm bringing with me: Never Let Me Go, The Gilded Chamber, Good Omens, and Anansi Boys.

Aside from Anansi Boys, these are all books that friends recommended, that I learned nothing about before buying them. Scary. Hopefully they'l be great. Well, if not I'll just look at the ocean and drink more. Win-win.

This is my long-winded way of saying "later, fuckers."

December 19, 2005

'tis the season

If I eat one more cookie I'm going to explode. The combination of tons of holiday snacks in the office and a crazy schedule, and my bad mood is dangerous.

I haven't been writing. I know. But I haven't been reading or really doing any thinking either, so trust me, it's better this way. The only thing I have in my head is complaints about my job. Now that's a riveting blog. I'll try to put up something this week, but in case I don't, have a wonderful whatever you're celebrating. Oh no! I'm contributing to the War on Christmas.

Happy Jesus Day!