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January 06, 2006

Happy hour returns

Thank goodness Friday Happy Hours for 2006 are starting with a bang. A big bang. To pay homage to my favorite things (drinks), check out these booze soaked links:

First, from my blogroll, let me point you over to the Modern Drunkard Blog. Love the magazine, love the blog. I wish they'd post more often, but why am I to talk. The latest post is about one of my pet peeves, the internet jukebox. I'm all for technology, but those things are out of control:

A proper jukebox, on the other hand, is representative of one specific bar, as
comfortable in its niche as the regulars are on their stools. Computerized
jukeboxes are perfect expenditures for corporate “chain” bars like Bennigan’s or
TGI Fridays, but poisonous for independent neighborhood joints. Which is OK, if
you pause to consider that “chain” bars are hardly ever concerned with achieving
excellence. Sure, they claim to be in search of perfection, but making patently
false claims is one of the things corporations do best.

And, if you live in Denver, there are posts about local bars. And this, from October:

My biggest decision, it appears, is where to celebrate Columbus Day. Which bar
is best suited for commemorating the rediscovery of the New World? A downtown
Italian bistro? A North Side Spanish dive? Or do we hoist the flag of adventure
and drift from bar to bar like Christopher undoubtedly would have.

Tough decision to make. But I’m hungover, so I can handle it. I’m gonna say all three.

Love it. You should read Modern Drunkard Magazine.

And, there's more.

With my new video iPod I have reluctantly joined the ranks of podcast people. But there's good in every evil, and it brought me to TikiBar TV. Go immediately. Learn to make weird drinks and laugh your ass off.

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