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February 25, 2006

As promised...

Sex blogs I read. The personal sites are not just extended Penthouse letters. They're the lives of these people. Good things.

Eros Blog

Not so much for the content Bacchus links to, as the way he talks. In a recent interview the author said:
The next time you hear somebody railing against the feelthy perverts, you're to
remember the smiles. Even if the specific activity under discussion grosses you
out, because it's not your kink and you can't understand why it could be
anyone's, remember the smiles. Remember Sarah's visible joy. We don't need to
understand or appreciate a kink to understand that smile.

Girl with a one-track mind

Good, good, good.

Sex & Moxie

I guess this is more of a general "relationship" blog, but there's sex in it. interesting combination of personal stories and advice. I very often disagree with her, but I keep reading.

Figleaf's Real Adult Sex

This site is just hot.


Ubiquitous, I know. But in case there's anything new happening in sex or porn that I missed, Fleshbot will tell me.

Wanton Maleness

Married sex. Good stuff.

thatgirl's life

More hot. And funny.

great list - thanks for sharing.

I enjoy reading your blog btw - very well written!

If you have time, stop by at mine and vote on my latest poll. Just a bit of fun but I want know the answer!
Thanks for the link, Thagmano, you're sweet to say that. I'm honored to be put in such great company too.

Take care,

Great list, Thagmano..except that you may have missed a couple:

1) Violet Blue's "Open Source Sex" Podcast:

2)Melissa Gira's "Whorecast"

Otherwise. a good list.







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