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February 10, 2006

Friday Random 5 - "Life is a Mystery" Edition

Instead of songs, this week I thought I'd give you a little more insight into me. Sorry. There's more to me than "raunch feminism" and a deep and abiding love of abortion. Hard to believe, but true. I also enjoy drinking and buying shoes. So here are five things I did this week. You'll notice the shoe/booze theme throughout.

  1. Monday night I put together a bookcase from Ikea. I bought it in November, but it just got to my place last weekend. Once I put it together I realized I have to move a dozen other things to put it in place, so it's sitting in the middle of my livingroom, like a sad, plain totem.

  2. I also got two new pairs of shoes from Zappos. Very very cute. Black modern mary-janes, and brown loafers. I have a serious loafer problem. I have like 10 pairs. Casual, dressier, low heel, mid-heel, platform. Loafers, loafers everywhere. A sickness.

  3. Tuesday I stayed late at the office to help a co-worker. She had to coordinate 10 volunteers helping us with a mailing, and the other person who was supposed to help got sick. Pretty noneventful, except one of the volunteers showed up drunk, brought a bottle of vodka, and proceeded to drink it while stuffing envelopes.

  4. Much later that night I got a call from a friend who lives in Chicago. Her girlfriend is apparently spending hours and hours a day in chat rooms, and it's freaking my friend out. She was only a little annoyed about it, but then she saw the last episode of The L Word, where Bette finds out Tina had cybersex with a guy. Now, I got distracted by Alice having sex with that vampire-woman, but I suppose I understand how this could trigger my friend to freak out more.
  5. Last night I went out for karaoke with some girls from work. There was Journey and Johnny Cash, and I think perhaps some Kriss Kross. But the best part of the night was the last song. It was "Like A Prayer." Not shocking. What was surprising was that by the middle of the song everyone in the restaurant, even those who'd seemed a little pissed about the karaoke to begin with, were singing. All of us. Background vocals, a little free-styling at the end. It was great. And my friend almost got in a fight because she didn't want to share her birthday.

That's a sample of a week in my life. Not things I do all the time, but I think they're pretty representative.






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