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February 23, 2006

In thagmano v. fetus... I pcik the one who's me

Way smarter things that what I say over at Shakespeare's Sister on abortion:

I agree that a black and white scale of measurement on the issue is flawed, but
I believe it has less to do with any sense of "quasihumannness" and more to do
with truths that no one likes to talk about. Truths like women who don't want to
be pregnant will do just about anything to get un-pregnant. Truths like weighing
the "life" of an unwanted fetus against one's own life is not some abstract
theoretical to a woman with an unwanted pregnancy; it pits a potential life
against an existing one, which may be forever changed. and that doesn't make for
much of a contest.


Some soldiers who kill on the battlefield later feel regret, even if they know
it was the only way to protect themselves. Some don’t. We don’t expect them to;
pragmatism is a response we understand from soldiers. We don’t understand, or
accept, pragmatic women, women who have abortions and stand by their decision,
rather than collapsing into a fit of unshakable grief. Worst yet are those who
dare to respond to the outraged, “It was a life you ended!” with an
acknowledgement that it is the truth. “Yes, I did. But I did it to save my own.”
I think this is a big point here. Being pregnant when you don't want to be is a huge deal. And for some reason people can't or won't acknowledge that. Pregnancy is huge, even aside from what would happen after you give birth. And throughout history women have found ways to keep from getting pregnant, and failing that, keep from giving birth.

All the renewed abortion brouhaha is stemming from South Dakota's legislature banning abortion. Nice. More here, here, here, here and here.

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