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February 07, 2006

OMG! Am I Gay?!?!?!?!

Via Bitch Lab (I've always been gay for you, baaaybeee), according to Scientific American, I'm pretty damned gay!

I scored and 8 on this quiz, which means: "8 - 9 Predominantly homosexual, with heterosexual tendencies"

Well, that's true. I do have heterosexual tendencies. A lot of them. I'm not sure how my answers got me to be this gay, but it's certainly a wake-up call. So long fellas!

How gay are you?

Dayum! I'm thrilled that you put comments up finally.

I just heard from Doug Henwood who paid attention, that the quiz was written by the "gay is a choice, so we can convert gays" dude, psychologist Robert Epstein.

I mean, I think everyone who takes it understands it's a silly quiz and doesn't mean much -- but ugh. I need to give the blog a digital shower now!

ok, now I get to go try to decipher the word-image and feel like an ancient old broad b/c i can't read them. ;)
Bummer. I already traded all my heels for Birkenstocks and came out to my mom.

But it was a funny quiz.

Glad you like the comments.
I did marvel a bit that one can apparently get serious cred in the scientific community via Quizilla.
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