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March 13, 2006

Another brilliant Bitch!

Great post from Angry Black Bitch about my favorite straw man of affirmative action, the "black student who stole your spot at Yale…"

She breaks it down well, but it's something most people forget. The issue is not under qualified black/brown students taking the places of completely qualified white kids:

See, the dude who may have taken your spot at Yale is most likely not the brown
and black students who make up less that 10% of the student body. He's that
legacy know, Carter Silverspoon from Choate?... yeah, him and his
forever unimpressive non-intellectual ass. College ain’t a meritocracy, but that
fact is better explored through a conversation with the heir to your right and
not the black chick to your left.

Also, only related in the sense that I read it right after this, apparently Isaac Hayes has quit providing the voice of Chef on South Park, because of the show's attitude about religion. I loved the character, and he'll be missed, but I can understand the action.

I wrote the above before I read the whole article and saw that Isaas Hayes is a Scientologist. Great Vortex (or whatever the alien-God of Scientology is). Your "religion" is a joke. A club for wacky rich people. Deal with it. Also, where have you been Isaac? That episode aired months and months ago.

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