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March 24, 2006

Friday Random 10 - Tired as all get out edition

So late with this. So late. Been dealing with this continued insanity all day.

  1. Ozomatli - Chango
  2. Snowpony - 3 Can Keep a Secret (If 2 Are Dead)
  3. Cowboy Junkies - Dreaming My Dreams with You
  4. Pink - Most Girls
  5. Bright Eyes - Poison Oak
  6. They Might Be Giants - Particle Man
  7. Liz Phair - Perfect World
  8. Nina Simone - I Put a Spell on You
  9. The Clientele - When I Come Home from the Party
  10. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Henry Lee
My assessment? I'm too tired to think. Now the eternal dilemma. Home or happy hour.

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