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March 07, 2006

"Just where have you been, young lady?"

Sorry I've been gone. But I haven't stopped thinking about you, I swear. With all the abortion-related craziness I've been swamped. And then the lovely and amazing Anthony over at The SmackDog Chronicles had to provide a link to a fantastic blog (Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles), I've been laying in bed with my iPod doing uh… math. Thanks for the carpal tunnel, Ant'ny. Can I call you Ant'ny? I'm from Philly, I'm going to do it anyway.

Meanwhile, I don't have anything to say you don't already know. So go read. Right now. Then come back.

Welcome back! See? That's why I'm spending all my free time masturbating. Oh, oops. Forgot I was being coy about that.

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