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March 23, 2006

La la la la la, thinking happy thoughts

By request, and necessity, enough with the politics, let's talk about delicous treats, people.

I spent a really insane amount of time on the phone last night. Long chats with two of my girls who I've been having trouble keeping up with. One is busy in general, the other is finishing Grad school. It was great. But somehow I ended up talking about water ice. Oh, lord. I believe she was craving pineapple (yum), but all I could think about was chocolate and cherry mixed together. That's an old favorite of mine from the place I worked in high school. Mmmm. Little bits of cherry add chewyness. Such good, simple stuff.

Oh, and the custard stand. Which really is called the Custard Stand. There's a Dairy Queen or some such shit across the street, but ignore it. The Custard Stand is only open during warm months, and it's fantastic. I remember once I was allowed to ride my bike around the neighborhood, I'd go down there with my friends, get our ice cream, and sit in the parking lot (there's no inside part, it's really just a stand), eating it. And if I could trick her into it, when my mom got home we'd go down there again. We'd sit in the car, with the doors open. She'd tell me about her day at work (the parts that included some cute kid behavior, not the paperwork or overwhelming disillusionment that came with being a social worker for the city), and I'd tell her about school or camp or whatever I'd been doing.

I was trying (unsuccessfully) to find a picture of the Custard Stand online, but I did find this interesting debate about "jimmies" versus "sprinkles." I'd never heard them called sprinkles until I left Philly. And even though the term "jimmies" is clearly dying, I hold onto it. And the whole "chocolate ones are jimmies, the others are sprinkles" idea? Ridiculous. The chocolate ones are "jimmies," and the rainbow ones are "rainbow jimmies." Sigh.

Oh, my God. There is a burgers 'n' custard stand just outside Herald, the park, rather...somewhere around there. anyway it's only open during the warm months, and I just discovered its existence this past winter. have been fantasizing ever since. MUST TRY THE CUSTARD GOODNESS
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