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March 14, 2006

That's a bit of a stretch, dontcha think?

Over at Majikthise, Lindsay speaks out in support of "Go Fug Yourself." Full disclosure, I visit the site from time to time when I get links to something in particular. Usually involving an actress I like. It's a funny site. But fluff, at best.

The larger question is why our society is so fixated on appearance and the
personal lives of a handful pampered public figures. For me, Go Fug Yourself is
a non-guilty pleasure because it mocks the excesses of this decadent culture
with humor and insight. The celebrities take their own exhibitionism very
seriously but GFY deflates their pretentions. That, to me is a worthwhile
feminist activity in and of itself.
I agree that the larger question is why we're so obsessed with what celebrities wear. But the question behind that is why we're so obsessed with what everyone wears and what we look like. And more often than not it seems to me that the site isn't mock[ing] the excesses of this decadent culture…" so much as making fun of people for dressing "badly" or "inappropriately."

On Paris Hilton: "Well, at least it's not the kind of cock you expect Paris to drag
around with her..."

On Bebe Neuwirth: "You're too old for this outfit."
I'm not opposed to that, I don't really care, but let's not pretend this is a "worthwhile feminist activity."

Another point in their favor, according to Lindsay:

If they mention a celebrity’s body type or features, it’s almost always
complimentary (“She’s got great legs, but you’d never guess when she wears those
¾ length leggings and Ugg boots…”).

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