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March 15, 2006

Two things about Molly and two things about a Bitch

That’s capital B, fuckers. And don't you forget it.

As I was saying...

Molly says

Pro-"state's rights" means anti-human rights -- and it always has.
Indeed. What people mean when they say "state's rights" is that there is no value to inalienable rights of individuals. Only good luck in picking a place to live. That's bullshit, and it's certainly not pro-choice, pro-woman or pro-human.

Also, I'm shocked and disappointed about the continuing "controversy" about the information Molly posted on her blog a few weeks ago, about the abortion procedure. All of the irresponsible "she's telling women to give themselves abortions! That's so dangerous!" is ridiculous.

[Edited to add: Stupid Blogger just ate my 5 links about this. Dunno why. Repost later]

First thing about a Bitch:

I got far behind in my links to her posts about Ariel Levy's book, so just go to the source.

And another thing!

Bitch has incurred the wrath of my old nemesis from Alas, A Blog (only a nemesis to those who had to listen to me rant), Ginmar. I never engaged her in the comments because, well… go see for yourself at Bitch Lab and Feministe. Speaking of which, interesting craziness going on over there about feminist blogs, safe space, open dialogue, a lot of shit. Check it out. Beneath all of the attacking is a pretty thought-provoking issue. If you're a feminist with a blog that gets a lot of heated conversation, how do you, or do you, control what gets posted? And how responsible are you?

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