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March 20, 2006

Vernal Equinox my ass

It's spring now. Has been for about an hour. Cold, and might snow tomorrow, but Spring is technically here. Wahoo! In celebration, I've started thinking about new clothes. I have a terrible fall/spring wardrobe. In between times are impossible for me. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, it's too much! Too much!

Ahem. Anyway. I've been thinking about a couple of things, like a new light jacket. Saturday afternoon I went shopping with The New Guy™ for such a jacket, and a new black cardigan, because the 4 I have are just not enough (apparently). I wasn't up for hours and hours of shopping, so I recommended that we split up to look for our things. As we spent 15 minutes deciding where to meet and in how long ("what if we just call each other when we're done?" "but then we're those people on the phone in the store" "ok, you take forever, so I'll come find you" "I'm only buying two ties, it'll only be a minute" "ok, so come find me" "are you going to shoes last?" "dunno, I'm shopping 'organically' today" "oh good lord. Ok, I'll come find you" etc. etc. etc.).

Once that was settled we prepared to part ways, and a woman stopped us. "Are you married?" she asks. He goes pale, I start hysterically babbling "no. not even close. Barely know each other. Not sure I believe in marriage… why do you ask?" She laughs, and says, "you make such an exotic couple. Your skin tones are so lovely…"

Jigga-what?!?! It would be one thing if she said we were the most gorgeous people she'd even seen. That would have been weird, and unwelcome, but better than this. Our "skin tones?" Aw, hell naw, lady! (Oh oops, was that ghetto of me?) Who says things like that? And the best part is, she grinned at us like we should be honored. Like her finding the combination of my blackness and his indeterminate non-whiteness was something we had aspired to. Like that's why we're together ("Damn girl. Your skin would look so pretty next to mine." "Are you coming onto me?" "No. Not like that. I mean, aesthetically." "Oohh baby!"). Ugh. It reminded me of the last episode of Black. White., where the woman in the white family went shopping for church, and bought a dashiki. Groan. It was all so quaint to her, like going to Disney World and wearing the Mickey Mouse costume. Race isn't quaint, or neat0 to people who aren't you, lady.

>Damn girl. Your skin would look so pretty next to mine." "Are you coming onto me?" "No. Not like that. I mean, aesthetically." "Oohh baby!"

ahahahaha. I think there's a real market for this sort of comeon.

"I can just see your hair spread out on my pillow. Specifically, the one with the 300 thread count antique blue linen case."

"Come wiz me to ze Casbah, where you weel look especially attractive wiz ze Moorish arches as a backdrop."
Ha! I like it. The New Guy[tm]; and I have been doing that ever since.

"[thagmano], I can't stop thinking about you. Meet me on a beautiful hilltop at sunset for a portrait."

"Oh, New Guy[tm]. I want you... To sit there, on that genuine leather couch, hold this chanpagne flute, and pet this magnificent greyhound.
I missed the part about Dashiki. Reminds me of sitting in a feminist theory class. Patricia Hill Collins had been invited to speak. Yay. Everyone was reading her book that year.

We're sitting around in class, talking about what she said. Well, trying to. We get to one white woman and she says, "I was really troubled that she was wearing that light green suit. A business woman's suit. Why didn't she have on a wrap or headdress signaling her identity.

OMFG I couldn't believe it. I just sat there, utterly shocked. And she just kept going on about how that was letting people down!

Some of us just walked out the door. CYA!

I dated a guy from Kenya for awhile, met him one night when, during my divorce, when wasband was still around, I decided to go into a bar all by myself. After 10 yrs of marriage, that was quite a thang for me!

We'd get together for drinks every Friday and there was a woman who once commented on what a cool color our kids might be. Somehow, I thought that was a result of the small town I was living in at the time. Silly me!

tried to post this cotteon pickin' thing twice, but bloggers seems fuxored lately.
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