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March 22, 2006

Who you callin' a "cusp millennial?"

According to the New Politics Institute's study: The Politics of the Millennial Generation, kids my age are pretty liberal. How earth-shattering.

But, as a barely-making it "cusp millennial," I have to say... it's really hard to say "cusp millennial." I keep saying cuspillennial, which sounds like a horribly annoying architectural period. Damn you, barely older than me cool Gen X fuckers.

Wait. I thought they called y'all "Gen Y"? I've forgotten why 'they' did that. They had some dorkmeister reason. I'll have to go look it up in one of the more interesting books on the topic, Abort, Retry, Fail. Everyone thought that book was so hip.

Jeez. I coudln't sleep last night and I watched some rilly rilly bad B movie about a girl in Seattle trying to get laid by a grunge band rock star before she went off to Brown.Between that film and talk of GenX, Gen Y, ... blah.

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