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May 31, 2006

at least I didn't spill anything on him...

For better or worse, I don't embarrass very easily. But today, I was very embarrassed. Why? Oh, I acted like a jibbering idiot. Which is not really that different than how I usually act, but I don't usually do it in front of Civil Rights Movement leaders.

Yes folks. This afternoon when I was headed out of the office for a meeting, this certain someone was standing outside of my office building. So, in all my dumbass glory, I start grinning, and walk over. Note to self: don't walk over. Just keep moving.

Anyway, he's just standing there, and didn't have the good sense to run away from me. So I say hello, and tell him where I work, and blah blah blah, thanks for speaking last year, yadda yadda. Ok. Handshake, smile, good work we do, so far so good. But then instead of moving away graciously, I decide to keep talking. And ask him if he remembers the class he taught that I was in six years ago. Six. Years. Ago. Good grief. Clearly, the answer to my question is no. But of course, he says he thinks he does remember. Because he's a smart, polite fellow, and I'm a freaking idiot.

I see that he clearly doesn't remember, so I go into a full-on babble. I yack on about the paper I wrote, the scheduling problems I had in the honors program (his was an honors-only class, not that it makes this gibbering ok), and somehow end up talking about my mother and this funny story she told me about when she was at Howard, and she had to take a quiz about the city before she could leave campus. Ha! Not funny. Just scary.

Again, he is gracious, smiles again (quite a smile, let me tell ya), and asks if I got a good grade in the class. I say yes, I got an A. He says good, politely ends the conversation and walks away. I'm all swagger down the street, until I realize he's probably wondering why he gave such a freaking nutjob an A. I'm never going out in public again.

o, I hate getting the awestruck tongue-ties. so annoying!

that said, i'm sure he didn't see it as nearly as embarassing as you did & possibly didn't even notice your nervousnes, found you charming; that's often true in such situations, i find...
Oh, that's a very nice thing to say... and ok, I'll just decide he thought it was charming.
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