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May 31, 2006

Blogging for LGBT Families Day - June 1

June 1st is

Day, a day to raise awareness about LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) families. I want to invite you all to
participate. Please also pass the invitation along to anyone, LGBT or straight,
whom you think may be interested.

Why June 1st? This date falls exactly between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As such, it honors mothers and fathers equally, but also conveys that not all families fit into the traditional structure of one mother and one father. June 1st is also the start of Gay Pride Month.

Since I suck at doing things on time, I'm just going to write something now. I've mentioned my godfathers, my adoption, and my often drinking mother before. But this is a good opportunity to talk about my family. I think that being adopted really has given me an openness to creating the family I want and need, rather than feeling overly tied to conventional definitions of family. After all, I don't know a single person who is genetically related to me, and only my mom adopted me, so everyone else floats outside of that. With the exception of my godfathers. They're a gay couple who've been together for around 35 years, I believe. And more importantly (to self-centered me, at least) they are my dads. One of my earliest memories is being with one of them at the Mummers Parade (you couldn't have paid my mother enough money to go with me). There are pictures of little me all over their apartment, and I still get referred to as "our baby." I even have a little sibling rivalry with the new small child in their lives (I don't want to talk about it). The point is, these guys are closer to me than almost anyone else. Their help raising me was certainly invaluable to my mother, and I can't imagine growing up without them. I mean, who else was going to help teach me how to fold napkins in impressive shapes (one used to be a caterer), or offer me weed when I had a headache (this was recently, not when I was a kid)?

Here's what I'm getting at. Love is love. And I couldn't have wished for better examples of good men, or loving fathers.

I am here in honor of Families Day. Your post was most interesting and stressed what I already know. . genetics are not all that important, but love and respect are.

I posted today in honor of my daughter and the big family announcement that she is expecting twins.
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