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June 05, 2006

The answer is always sluts…

The Well-Timed Period talks (a little late, by admission) about Congress failing to make emergency contraception available at military health care facilities. Stupid and sucky. But then, in response to talk about women in the military who have been raped (I hate the term rape victim or rape survivor, like that defines a person), asks:

It's not that sexual assault isn't traumatic, and/or a very serious matter. It is. But the indication for EC applies equally to a rape victim, to a patient who's experienced contraceptive failure, or to a patient who simply forgot to use birth control. Why, when it comes to female patients, must rape be brought up almost every time the issue of EC availability is discussed?
Uh, because people suck. Because anytime you talk about EC, and don't mention women who were raped, then you must just be talking about irresponsible sluts. Who were surely either too horny or too stupid to use birth control, or, if they were really smart, not have sex in the first place. Also stupid and sucky. But true.

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