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June 05, 2006

My only love sprung from my only hate

Well, not my only hate. I hate lots of things. But I certainly do dislike plants. Not out in the wild, where they grow or anything, just in my home. It's too much pressure. The watering and paying attention, and inability to cuddle or make cute noises.

But, like any good movie harpy, something melted my cold evil heart. A fricking peace lily. I got it on my birthday, months ago, and it's still going strong. So now, I'm completely attached to the thing. I sing it songs, and dust its leaves (seriously - I know it's crazy). When I was gone from the office for a few days and it got a little sickly, I was really worried.

So now, here I am, ridiculously attached to this damn plant. I love the fucking thing. Yeesh.

Edit: Yes, that shitty photo is of the plant. I took it with my phone, and from the looks of it, with my eyes closed, as well.

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