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June 27, 2006

Ok God, I get the message...

Prayer from a Godless Heathen...

After tons of family drama last week, now my apartment is a victim of the flooding in DC this weekend. When I left last night there was 1/2 inch of water down. It's rained a lot since then.

So, ok. I get it. I'm a terrible sinner. I'll see the error of my ways and build an Ark. But please, Lord, don't ruin my TiVo.

Oh crap! I vaguely heard something about flooding somewhere. I'm sorry to hear this. Where are you staying? Is the tivo safe? ;p Seriously, I hope you are ok.
Thank goodness, the TiVo is fine. The rest of my shit? Still up in the air. I'm couch surfing for the next few days (if I were a good slut I'd just be sleeping with random people, but they never let me stay over).

Right now my biggest concern is that my computer got fried. I'm trying not to think about it.

I'm pretending this is a very localized road trip. The bourbon helps. A lot.
oh bloody hell, I'm sorry! sheeeit goddam.
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