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June 06, 2006

yummy... ignorance with a size of cheez whiz

From Attytood:

Geno's Steaks owner Joe Vento requires customers to speak English before he'll serve them. A sign at the order window says, "This is America... Speak English." Pointing at the menu or otherwise signaling your order doesn't cut it with Joe.

Charming. Asshat. For those of you not in the Philly know, Geno's is one of the two most famous places to get a cheesesteak in town, an honor shared with Pat's. The two are mostly famous because they're across the street from each other, and local fans of each are extremely dedicated to their choice (read - insane just check out the comments for examples).

I'm a Pat's girl, personally, but that's mostly because Geno's has way to much neon for middle of the night drunken snacking. Though, to be honest, I'm really a Dalessandro's fan, since they're closer to where I grew up. What was the point of this?

Oh, right, Joe Vento is a dickhead. Apparently a really big one, too.

Speak English signs also poster his Hummer. He has driven through South
Philadelphia blaring through the SUV's P.A. system denunciations of neighborhood
business owners who hire illegal immigrants.
And of course, in typical right-wing asshat fashion...
Vento -- who had become something of "a hero" on local conservative talk radio for his support of their causes -- has become more than a little unhinged on this one. In order to remain one of the right wing "cool kids," he's practically tossed down the memory hole the fact that his own grandfather came to America from Italy in the early 20th Century -- not speaking English.

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