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July 26, 2006

Sometimes it's not so hard to say goodbye

I haven't been writing lately for a couple of reasons. First, I was trying to put my place back together, which is still a work in progress. But the real reason is I've lost my faith. I'm hopelessly disappointed in everything right now. This country, myself, feminism, the internet, everything. So, there's not much left to say. Every time I start feeling it again, someone in my beautiful feminist office disrespects a woman with a child, or spouts something racist, unapologetically. And the safe haven of the feminist blogosphere? Please. There are some fantastic folks out there, and I'll certainly be checking in and maybe chiming in, but I'm done for now. Keep rocking on, fuckers.

I've been meaning to get over here and post to say I missed you.

I hope things are getting better with apartment. Screw the weirdos! OK: I'll screw them for you, since you've probably already got your hands full ! :p
take care of you.
I totally feel you: is anyone really worth it? I find myself wondering sometimes, while waiting for them to disappoint me if they haven't already.

Take care though. You're always missed when you're not posting (not a guilt trip - just saying).
aw shit. Do what you need to do, but damn, I'm sorry. as EL says: you'll be missed. you still need help? I'm sorry; I know I've flaked this month.





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