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July 05, 2006

This mess we're in…

This post is dedicated to Marg, who not only agreed to sleep in my recently flooded, and new carpet smelly apartment over the 4th of July, but also kept my spirits up with days and days of Sex and the City dvds, and dramatic readings of titles of the zillion books I own. Thanks!

And this post is anti-dedicated (or something), to all of my bullshit "friends" who could only manage to be supportive for 5 days. Shit heads.

Thanks everyone here who sent their thoughts. I appreciate it. So, here's the update.

I'm back in my place, with a lot less damage than I feared, but plenty more than I can afford. I'll need a new sofa, desk and bookcase (or two). Other smaller things, curtains, cooking magazines, and almost all of my sheets and towels are also casualties. All in all, I think I got pretty lucky. My computer is still something of a question. It works, but is making a new, not at all comforting, noise. We'll see.

The thing that really freaks me out is it just keeps raining. We can't seem to go more than a day or two without a serious thunderstorm. I have very little confidence that my building did anything to protect my apartment in the future, so I'm scared it's only a matter of time before it floods again. So, while I'm working on getting things organized, sorting out the big mess, nothing else goes back on the floor until this shit stops.

Anyone know a place to buy good but cheap furniture?

Update: As I'm writing this, insane deluge outside. Needless to say, I'm a little distracted right now, so I'll only be posting occasionally for a while. And? Flash flood watch until tomorrow morning. This seems familiar somehow.

I'm so sorry to hear about this. If I had something to give or send, I sure would. Cooking magazines? Really?

Check out your local list. Sign up and ask. We've gotten numerous things -- all for free.

I will put out a call on the blog and at some e-mail list where I know DCers live.
what do you need?

email me laurelresources at yahoo dot com


Just talked to R. If you happen to lose the computer, we have a few that we inherited from we were going to turn them into linux boxes. if you're desperate.

he says that if it's weird noises, it's more likely that it's a fan. right now, moisture may be causing a fan to run less smoothly than otherwise.

If you need, we can phone you and walk you through how to check the fans. It's a cinch. Honest. You only have to keep a hand or foot anchored on something. If you don't, you could blow up or something. (kidding). Really. it's easy. We can help. over the phone even.

As for freecycle, if you need me to, I will sign up to the DC list and make the request. If you're swamped (ducking) with stuff to do, I can take care of that for you and take the load off there.

what else? I will hit people up about the cooking magazine. Look: I live in retirement and early retirement heaven where everyone comes after they made a killing in real estate. Hoity Toity magazines like Gourmet are a dime a dozen. Damn. Girl. Cooking mags. I thought you hated cooking?! :)
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