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June 16, 2006

nasty slut day pt 3

I was going to write something else, but I have the strange urge to go out and blow every man I see. Time to stop reading about nasty sluts and act like one! Whee! My intact gag relex and I will see you fuckers later.

Get thee to Bitch | Lab.

What disturbs you? (Friday is nasty slut day - pt 2)

Even though I promised myself I'd never go there again, I couldn't help heading over to the Den of the Biting Beaver to see what everyone was talking about. And believe me, I was soundly punished for my curiosity.

This is from a list of search terms and how disturbing Dubhe finds them to be: feel free to play along at home.

Confusing Searches
"transexual's kicking guys in the balls" - Albuquerque, NM
As we move forward, let's think about why this term isn't considered more disturbing

Averagely Disturbing
"bdsm" - Republic of Korea
"sex for hours" - Middleton, MA
Well, there's no explanation of the scale, but I'd rank these as approximately as disturbing as a brick wall.

Extra Disturbing
"women who enjoy being humiliated" - Bristol, UK
Hmm… ok.

"female ejaculators in texas" - Dallas, TX
Wait, what? That's extra disturbing? Why? Is female ejaculation an invention of the patriarchy or something, and no one told me?

You know what disturbs me? Feminists who don't have anything better to do than review search logs and try to send a Google bot to prison.

Friday is nasty slut day - pt 1

Ok, I lied. Every day is nasty slut day. But this Friday I'm celebrating. To the blogs that make me pull out my hair (no, I don't know why I bother)!

Twisty says

Flame me if you will, but I posit nevertheless that no woman, since the dawn of
the patriarchal co-option of human sexuality, has ever actually enjoyed this
submissive sexbot drudgery. There’s a reason that deep-throating a funk-filled
bratwurst makes a person retch.*

How dare I presume to impugn the
sanctity of a woman’s right to the blow job? I do so mostly on accounta I will
get a big bang out of the impassioned arguments defending it.


*Reason: It’s fucking gross.

Whatever. Boring. What's interesting to me is some of the comments.

I could never understand how men could be so crazy about getting a blowjob. It’s
easily my least favorite act of common sex. Though the messy smelly and
ultimately depressing act of anal sex is almost as bad. As imagined in the
pornographic fancies of most men they are each uncomfortable for the woman, but
anal sex at least is slightly more comfortable for men, though the ick factor in
certain of the textures encountered therein is pretty high.

Can’t it be said that oral sex in general, whether it be fellatio or
cunnilingus, is excellent for the receiver and kind of a drag for the provider?
The thread here seems to be that giving someone pleasure is not actually enjoyable. Uh, what?

Pushing something roughly the size of a cucumber repeatedly into my mouth for
about as long as a guy thinks a bj ought to last
, then, when the gag reflex is
entirely stimulated, depositing a oddly-textured, foul-tasting wad of warm gook
into my mouth — nuh, uh. I’m done.

Cunnilingus, on the other hand, is warm and soft and wet and sweet.

With the last fews guys I’ve dated, I’ve told them that I will discuss the possibility of giving them a bj, just as soon as they give a bj to another man, so they can fully understand what it is they’re asking of me. So far, no takers.
Wow, if that's how they feel about it, I certainly don't think they should be giving blowjobs. But damn.

Here’s what I think is going on. Women want to be valued and appreciated by men.
Men like their dicks sucked. So, women engage in sucking dick and those who do
not consider their mouths to be an erogenous zones convince themselves it’s
pleasurable because it gives them so much “power.” And sadly, in this
Patriarchal shithole world of ours, blow jobs are the equivalent of power for
many women.

But that doesn’t mean you have to swallow cum and tell us
all it’s caviar. At best it’s something nice to do for a guy whom you care
about. At worst, it’s another humiliating compromise of dignity that women do to
please men and then tell each other how much they fucking love it and how damned
empowering/pleasurable it is.
Well, we all know how much I love internalizing patriarchy, so I'll just shut my brainwashed, cock-filled mouth.

While I don’t think fellatio is inherently degrading, I think that porn has given it a lot of bad connotations which is why I think a lot of guys like getting head. Well, that and it feels good.

And, I had to just stop there. Who the fuck are these people? I don't get it.

June 15, 2006

My skin isn't licorice flavored, either

Go read this post by Nubian, "funny things white people say to me".

white person: i have a question. since you are darker (she grabs my arm to
demonstrate that i am darker than her--as if had forgotten that i was black), do
you get hotter? i mean, you know how if you wear black, you retain more heat.

Sigh. It continues from there. I wanna play, too! 3 examples from people I know, here in Chocolate City, itself.

1. Here's a conversation with a White co-worker (WCW) and a non-white co-worker (NWCW) after I got back from a trip last year.

WCW: Hey, [thagmano], you look rested. How was your trip?
Me: Fantastic.
Lots of reading and sleeping.
NWCW: Yeah, you do look happy. And tanned.
Me: Got a sunburn on my back. Very ouchy. But worth it.
WCW: [confused expression] Uh…
Me: ?
WCW: You can get a sunburn? But… you're black.
NWCW: [oh no she di'int expression] Uh, everyone can get a sunburn
Me: Not robots…
WCW: [slinks away uncomfortably]

2. One of the hundreds of times I've talked about getting a tattoo, but punked out because I'm a big baby about the pain. This time with a guy my friend was flirting with at a concert. He'd just gotten his first tat.

Me: [blah blah blah, tattoo]
He: Hmm. Can you even get a tattoo? Would it even show up?
Me: Wha-huh? You know black people's skin isn't actually black, right? I mean, you can see me… [I just walked away…]

3. Another WCW, who walked into my office while I was making an
appointment for a haircut.

WCW: Sorry to interrupt
Me: No problem. I was just making a hair appointment
WCW: Oh, what are you going to get?
Me: Nothing, just a trim. I'm trying to grow out my hair
WCW: Oh, really? Why don't you just get a "weave" [she totally said weave like it was a word in a different language that she didn't understand]

A commenter over at blac(k)ademic said

As these white people haven't had any form of interaction with black
people, they can be extremely insulting and tactless when speaking to them. They
therefore need some sort of education system (maybe incorporated into the
school curriculum) which answers all these kinds of questions.

What? I don't understand why you need school to tell you people of other races aren't alien creatures whose physiology is so different from yours that you'd have to be taught how they work.

June 13, 2006

So now what?

Urgh. I have no idea what to do with my life right now. Pretty much every second at work is torture, but since I don't know what else I want to do, I'm not really looking to get out. I've never been one of those people who make huge life changes quickly, or without a specific plan of what comes next. I think what I really need is a good kick in the ass to push me, but it doesn't seem to be coming. So, what to do?

I keep starting lots of posts, but my thoughts are too jumbed (see above) to finish anything. Anyone have any good drugs they can recommend? Perhaps a secluded vacation spot?